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I Just Made Love

A stupidly addictive site that tracks who’s doing the business in your area, I Just Made Love comes complete with positions, comments and a postcode search. Yes, this site takes … Read more

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Free Crappy Portraits

Some of these Free Crappy Portraits are not that crappy, and regardless of the skill of the artists, they’re all incredibly entertaining.

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What font type are you?

Answer four simple questions to the ‘psychotherapist’ in the chair and find out what font type matches perfectly your personality. This is an entertaining animated quiz, with interesting background information … Read more

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Text Secret

The online universe as a confessional has become more and more prevalent, people sharing their deepest, darkest thoughts, quite often with complete — uncaring — strangers. Text Secret is the … Read more

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Crap At My Parents House

Now, here’s a blog we can all relate to. How often have you visited your folks place only to be taken aback by the sheer proliferation of bizarre kick-knacks that … Read more

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E-Fail Postcards

‘Can we get that team that built Rome in a day?’ is just one of the E-Cards designed to politely let your boss know that the project you’ve been working … Read more

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The Nooooooooooooooo! button

For those events when the force is just not on your side, there is this button, which is similar to the Staples ‘that was easy’ button, only instead of helping … Read more

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Totally Inappropriate T-Shirts

Our friends over at Oddee have compiled a brilliant selection of photos cataloging the random (and not so random) wearing of totally inappropriate t-shirts. You have to wonder what some … Read more

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