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The Tweet of God

Funny, irreverant and thoughtful, the Tweet of God has me chortling every time. Who knew the Almighty had such a biting sense of humor?

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Can I Be Your Friend?

What happens when someone boldly tries to take the online ‘friending experience‘ offline? Strange things, indeed. Watch on and be bemused.

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The United States Of Cursing

America is a nation of swearers. Don’t believe me? Well, then, check out this map of the United States which documents the use of swear words — f***, sh*t, b*tch, … Read more

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Is Katie Perry too big for Sesame Street?

Russell Brand has defended Katie Perry’s honour with admirable humour following her somewhat out-sized appearance (or non-appearance, as the case may be) on Sesame Street the other week. He Tweeted … Read more

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