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Notes From The Stall

Yes, toilet graffiti is an art form. Why not? A particularly clever witticism can have you chuckling all the way back to your seat at the bar. The Notes From … Read more

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But The Truth Is

Ok, so we know that sugar coating is a part of life, but does it have to be? The But The Truth Is blog features a series of unspoken realities … Read more

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Bad Yearbook Photos

Just when you thought meme blogs could get no sillier, comes this: Bad Yearbook Photos, a collection of user-submitted photos from the annuls of yesteryear, a period that many of … Read more

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The I’m Dating Myself blog

The latest in the long line of clever Photoshopped Tumblr sites is I’m Dating Myself — ‘a self-loving photo blog’ which features pictures and short stories about people who, it … Read more

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The Beardly

I can’t grow a beard. This sometimes makes me feel like there’s some aspect of the masculine experience that will forever be unknown to me. I live vicariously through the … Read more

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