Animated video for French band Louise Attaque

Rodrigo Borges Reader Find

By Rodrigo Borges in New Music on Wednesday 28 September 2011

Louis Clichy (animator on Wall-e, Up and Ratatouille) directed this beautiful animation for the French band, Louise Attaque. It’s very interesting to see how he links one scene to another to tell us the story. It feels like they belong together, the music and the video: both rough, dirty and rhythmic.

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French band Cascadeur’s single: Walker

John Goncalves from The Gift Reader Find

By John Goncalves from The Gift in New Music on Wednesday 7 September 2011

We love music and it’s always a good feeling when we discover that class still exists: simple, strange and beautiful songs, elegant arrangements and a soft voice. This is the single, Walker, from their latest release, The Human Octopus.

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