Through The D: a new song from Melbourne band Dick Diver

Lia Tsamoglou Reader Find

By Lia Tsamoglou in New Music on Saturday 2 June 2012

Dick Diver are a band from Melbourne. They released their debut album last year titled New Start Again. I love this band because there’s something inherently Australian about their sound, which is something that not many Australians like hearing anymore – so they embrace the twang of their own diction. If you like Flying Nun […]

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The Chills perform Pink Frost

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Friday 10 July 2009

Oh man! Take me back. Yup, drag me kicking and screaming into those halcyon days of the mid to the late 80s when all I cared about was Archie Comics, extra full cream milk, and getting my hands the latest release off New Zealand’s Flying Nun label. This track — Pink Frost — from Dunedin […]

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