The gritty documentary photographs of Claire Martin

Sandy Carson Reader Find

By Sandy Carson in New Photography on Saturday 26 November 2011

Claire Martin got her start as a social worker and turned her efforts towards her camera. And it shows. Her nitty gritty subjects and intensely intimate reportage of squatters and junkies won her the Magnum Foundation 2010 Inge Morath award. Her work meshes between fine art, documentary and contemporary photography.

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Catalpa Series by artist Garth Bowden

Contributions Reader Find

By Meliana Salim in New Art on Monday 7 November 2011

A continuation of The Collector, English artist Garth Bowden’s new Catalpa Series references cubism and tribal art and plays with the notions of what is natural. The figures are adorned with both decorative and utilitarian objects, finding use and value in natural materials and beauty in functional manufactured forms, questioning how we see and designate value in the world around us. Each photograph is one of a limited edition of ten unique giclée prints and is a marriage of painting and photography.

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The Collector series by artist Garth Bowden

Contributions Reader Find

By Meliana Salim in New Photography on Tuesday 27 September 2011

English artist Garth Bowden’s latest series of work, entitled The Collector, is a unique marriage of painting and photography. His work evokes the explorer who seeks the new and exotic and for whom all is mysterious, rare and delicate.

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