A short performance of a poem by Derrick Brown

Dan Markowitz Reader Find

By Dan Markowitz in Video on Monday 21 May 2012

I never thought that I could care about poetry until I saw this at a recent film festival. It’s a short movie/performance of a poem by Derrick Brown about love, outer space, ramen noodles, and more. Be careful: all the jokes distract you while the heartbreak is sneaking up from behind.

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Festival du Court Metrage de Clermont-Ferrand

RAE Reader Find

By RAE in New Events on Monday 30 April 2012

Has anyone ever told you, ‘do yourself a favor’, only for it to be followed by some lame thing they wanted you to try like a Ketchup Sandwich? Well, this is not one of those times. Do yourself a REAL favor and take a train ride about four hours south of Paris, the first week of any February, to an enchanted little city called Clermont-Ferrand.

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A Night of Horror International Film Festival: Sydney

Contributions Reader Find

By Lisa in New Events on Friday 25 March 2011

The film festival that promises a frighteningly good time, A Night of Horror International Film Festival is back for its fifth year from March 31 to April 8. Once again, it will showcase the best and bloodiest independent horror films from Australia and the world to celebrate the genreā€™s standout filmmakers.

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