Magical Yule logs

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By Eve Politanoff in New Food and Packaging on Wednesday 22 December 2010

Couture, extravagant, bucolic. Les buches de Noel are all dressed up for the holidays. They were made by French chefs, master bakers, confectioners of large, fine chocolate and gourmet French stores such as Fauchon, Dalloyau, Lenotre, Patrick Roger and many more. To celebrate Christmas and New Year, an exhibit of twenty Yule logs are currently on display at the castle of Breteuil in France.

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A Year of Fauchon

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Products on Wednesday 28 April 2010

Rich pralines, vivid petit fours, wispy French meringues, and deep pastry creams piped into light éclairs, then coated with iconic works of art. Only at Fauchon. And now, happily, no matter where you are, you can capture a year’s worth of this hyper-luxe French foodie haven’s sweet and savory delights right on your coffee table.

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Fauchon’s Mona Lisa Eclairs

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Saturday 4 July 2009

From the hyper-luxe French foodie haven, Fauchon, comes these gorgeous éclairs coated with, not your typical glazed-over chocolate, but the Mona Lisa. Only the French could seriously put an iconic work of art on an éclair and not only get away with it, but execute it successfully. Once you get past Madame Joconde’s infamous glaze, […]

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