How much does it cost to look good? Perfect strangers unveil their clothing costs

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Fashion on Wednesday 31 December 2014

Just how much money are you willing to sacrifice on an outfit? $50? $100? $1,000? More? Thanks to Joe Monster, we finally find out just how much money goes into an everyday outfit. It looks like these photos were taken in New York’s Lincoln Center, where Fashion Week takes place each year.

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Paris finally celebrates real women with Pulp Fashion Week

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Events on Thursday 31 October 2013

Considering 57% of American women buy clothing in sizes 16 or larger, it’s about time a plus-size (ahem, real size) fashion show garnered some attention. This past week saw Paris hold Pulp Fashion Week, which celebrates women’s curves and sees designer collections available in American sizes 6 – 20 (Australian size 10 – 28).

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Manolo Blahnik finally makes it to London Fashion Week

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Fashion on Wednesday 25 September 2013

London’s 2013 Fashion Week kicked off with Manolo Blahnik’s debut, accompanied by a very creative five-minute short (that starred, who else but Rupert Everett) that was created by Michael Roberts. Manolo Blahnik’s iconic shoe line has never been shown at LFW but the legendary designer explained that it was the crowds keeping him away (‘Firstly, […]

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Fashionable press-on nails by House of Holland

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in New Fashion on Tuesday 17 September 2013

House of Holland, in partnership with Elegant Touch, has created a new line of false nails. Specifically made for London’s Fall 2013 Fashion Week, the nine set of nail designs stand out from your typical manicure. Designs come in the form of Face Ache, Geek Chic, Classy Nude, Dotty, Tweed, Zig Zag Stardust, Heartbreaker, Polka-Dot […]

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Sh*t Fashion Girls Say at New York Fashion Week

Bridget Barnett Contributor

By Bridget Barnett in Video on Wednesday 22 February 2012

Bang in the middle of Fashion Week season, it seems only fitting Shit Girls Say would come out with some new one-liners which are typical of the fashion pack. I have overheard at least half a dozen of these lines repeated in the last 24 hours. Spot on.

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Amsterdam’s Fur Free exhibition

Contributions Reader Find

By Eve Politanoff in New Fashion on Saturday 5 February 2011

January 24 was the official opening night of Amsterdam’s latest Fur Free project. Hosted at one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens, the Hortus Botanicus, five fashion designers such as Bas Kosters, And Beyond, exhibited a fur-free fashion showcase in the greenhouse.

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Paris Fashion Week

Carolyn Dempsey Reader Find

By Carolyn Dempsey in New Fashion on Saturday 1 March 2008

If the juggernaut of fashion weeks were a high school, then Paris would be the popular kid. Beautiful, snobby and maybe a little bit of a slut, she puts on a good show, but rarely surprises. Luckily for Paris, layering, structure and tactile fabric never really go out of fashion.

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