Floating platform for water purification

Piotr Szymaniak Reader Find

By Piotr Szymaniak in New Events on Monday 26 April 2010

Have you ever thought about how much energy you might be wasting just using your muscles to move your body? Well, Jakub Szczęsny from Warsaw clearly has. He has decided to collect the energy of people exercising outdoors by building, in conjunction with a group of engineers and the team the FunBec.eu foundation, a synchronised […]

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Ryan McLennan

Kate Barnett Reader Find

By Kate Barnett in New Art on Tuesday 10 June 2008

Hours spent in the Blue Ridge Mountains have inspired Ryan McLennan to produce artwork that isn’t only technically brilliant, they’re an environmental statement.

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Joshua Harris on his subway grates artwork

Marcos Chin Reader Find

By Marcos Chin in New Art on Tuesday 15 April 2008

New York-based artist Joshua Harris makes movable sculptural artwork out of plastic bags, harnessing the air from subway grates to give them a sense of life.

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