Prismic: invite-only music and fashion publication

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By Jeremy Fall in Tech on Saturday 24 November 2012

Prismic is an invite-only music and fashion publication, which I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of. Launching in 2013, Prismic will cater to a younger demographic that is passionate about culture and a high end lifestyle by showcasing an inside look into the process behind creating art. This concept will offer a new digital format that […]

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Lend With Care

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By Lynsey Smith in Cool Websites on Wednesday 9 March 2011

It’s not often that a website pops up and you instantly want to throw every bit of loose change you have at it. Lend With Care is the perfect fusion of entrepreneurial spirit and pure karma. It gives you the opportunity to invest anything from $15 to $1,000 on a fellow entrepreneur trying to make […]

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