Jape: an electro-rock band from Dublin

Sandy Carson Reader Find

By Sandy Carson in New Music on Saturday 26 November 2011

Jape are a electro-rock band from Dublin, Ireland featuring members of Redneck Manifesto, Somadrone and VisionAir. Their music makes me want to do the highland jig and their videos are top notch. I got to know these guys after using a Redneck Manifesto song in an Etnies Video. One of their songs, Phil Lynott, was […]

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Francis Andrews Reader Find

By Francis Andrews in New Music on Thursday 13 November 2008

I love the blissed-out electro funk of New York band Ratatat. They’ve been kicking around for some years now, and toured with the likes of Mogwai and Daft Punk, but only now are getting attention on the UK festival scene. Why they took so long over here, it’s hard to say. The music is perfect […]

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