Roots Soap Co: Rainwater infused natural soaps

Darren Cools Reader Find

By Darren Cools in New Products on Wednesday 9 October 2013

I had never really thought about soap before (I mean, soap is soap, right?), but after trying some of the natural soap from Roots Soap Co for myself, my mind was changed. It’s handmade with rainwater (seriously?!) and essential oils. My whole house smells like citrus and clove and lavender. It’s pretty amazing. If you’re […]

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Meteorite skincare promises out-of-the-world results

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Tuesday 1 January 2013

Skincare has now gotten a cosmic boost from, er, meteorite dust. Yes, powdered meteorite is now available as an active ingredient in skincare products for us Earthlings — specifically, Anesi Beauté’s Celestial Secret serum. The meteorite extract is purportedly ‘extremely rich in calcium, iron and magnesium’, though the website doesn’t quite state where on Earth […]

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The Art of Aromatics

John Malloy Reader Find

By John Malloy in New Products on Tuesday 29 April 2008

Before my friends at Biggs & Featherbelle urged me to try their Muscle Soak, I’d never been a fan of baths.

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