Do yourself a favour and grab a Konifer watch made out of 100% wood

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Fashion on Tuesday 5 May 2015

Everyone and their neighbour might be itching for the Apple watch, but if you’re looking for a watch to keep you stylish through every season (not just a couple), you should definitely check out Konifer watches.

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And if you’re still feeling hungry, you can eat this plate

Kenny Ong Contributor

By Kenny Ong in New Food and Packaging on Friday 5 December 2014

Young Belgian entrepreneurs Helene Hoyois and Thibaut Gilquin have launched a new range of well-designed and eco-friendly food containers. And they taste pretty darn good too. ‘They are biodegradable, and have neutral flavor that complements both sweet and savory ingredients, and are also oven safe’, explained 25-year-old Hoyois.

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Poisonous toad skins recycled into luxury accessories

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in New Eco on Thursday 5 December 2013

Australians, countrymen, we must all rise up against the cane toads that are overrunning the South Sea Islands and turn them into the most fashionable accessories ever! KOBJA, a brand that makes fashionable accessories for men and women has come up with a controversial way to help curb the rising toad population. You see, Australia […]

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Gowns made out of leaves by Tang Chiew Ling

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in New Fashion on Tuesday 3 December 2013

Kuala Lumpur-based artist Tang Chiew Ling created a series of gowns that you could consider as ‘earth friendly’. Fashion in Leaf is her series of drawings that involves leaves as gowns of elegant ladies in ink. Why mix leaves with fashion? Well, for one thing, Ling is into art direction, fashion, and illustration, so when all those […]

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Lift Link: fold up your house by yourself in ten minutes

Sarah Howell Reader Find

By Sarah Howell in Architecture on Thursday 30 May 2013

When I first saw this design product, I thought it looked kinda boring. Like a depressing portable classroom you were stuck in at school at lunchtime to learn first aid. But then engineer and designer, Ian Lowrey, explained it to me and my eyes were opened. Lift Link is a new Australian design concept created as […]

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The First Eco-Friendly Hair salon in Brazil

Didu Losso Contributor

By Didu Losso in New Eco on Thursday 21 March 2013

Marcos Proença was born in Sorocaba but moved to São Paulo in 2001. Over 20 years, he has become one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the luxury market in Brazil and also a pioneer for creating the first eco-friendly salon in the country, launched November 2009. His place offers an unique experience combining […]

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Disposable origami-inspired trash cans by Yekaterina Shevchenko

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Products on Thursday 14 February 2013

That’s one good looking piece of trash! This origami inspired disposable trash can is Yekaterina Shevchenko’s answer to waste disposal in the city. Each colorful design is beautifully decorated and completely recyclable. Who knew taking out the trash could be a personal fashion statement?

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Eco Friendly Wash Cycle Laundry in Philadelphia

Nicklaus Andersen Reader Find

By Nicklaus Andersen in New Trends on Saturday 8 December 2012

One of my best buddies serves on the board of directors for this Earth-loving Philadelphia start-up. Since its inception in 2010, the company has not only created 14 jobs and gotten at least 3 people off welfare, but, in each day of its existence, has taken another unprecedented step into our burgeoning new world of […]

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From the LAEM store: TIMBER sunnnies from skateboards

Alison Shepard Contributor

By Alison Shepard in New Products on Thursday 24 May 2012

Inspired by skate and surf culture, TIMBER creates eyewear and accessories from skateboard ply. Their Surf Glasses are crafted from eco-friendly wood and bamboo, and inspired by early boards. While their line of recycled belt buckles takes weathered skate decks and repurposes them into a cool statement of form and function. Select eyewear and accessories are available now in the Lost At E Minor online store.

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Slings made from upcycled inner tubes of truck and bike tires

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Eco on Tuesday 22 May 2012

There’s a lot of green gear out there waiting for eco warriors to take them in, but a lot of it can get pretty apeish. Besides my trusty Freitag and a tarpaulin tote I carry for a laugh, I have one of these badass English Retreads shoulder slings. These are made from upcycled inner tubes of truck and bike tires, come with gorgeous metal rivets, and are tough as hell. Rather than kill an ungulate to make a bag, it’s like they’ve killed (okay, scavenged) a monster truck instead. Which feels great.

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Hu2 Design’s wall stickers

Lin Tan Reader Find

By Lin Tan in New Design on Wednesday 14 July 2010

Wall stickers are the new wallpaper. From its humble beginnings as a market stall in Brick Lane, to its current location in Soho, Hu2 Design makes very cool art. Now you can get a piece of Hu2 Design in your living room via their fun wall stickers. Their illustrations include eco-friendly reminders to turn off […]

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