Turquoise: the new single by London band Binary

Samuel Birtwistle Reader Find

By Samuel Birtwistle in New Music on Thursday 3 November 2011

Binary is a small four piece band from London who I managed to catch at a small gig not long ago. A great way to show that dark, post-punk is definitely not dead. With echoes of Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen, their spacey brand of music feels so familiar but fresh.

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Will Sergeant, Echo and the Bunnymen

Amy Freeborn Reader Find

By Amy Freeborn in New Music on Thursday 2 July 2009

Echo and the Bunnymen were spawned in the creative and fertile hub of Liverpool’s late-70s punk scene, borne from oft-discussed ambitions eventually called out. The three original members, who ‘didn’t really know what they were doing’, chose to perform — sink or swim — in support of Teardrop Explodes, and became cult icons; post-punk pioneers.

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