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If You Are Awake, Dream by Girasomnis

This 8 minute performance, created and presented in the Madrid Talent Festival by Girasomnis, makes you dream with your eyes open. Ensueño fuses independent disciplines such as music, dance and … Read more

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Ana Somnia

A whole world waits for you when you turn out the lights. In our dreams, lie childish figures, random shapes and half remembered memories. Each one is different yet somehow … Read more

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Cutting ice to snow

I used to love that slither of time first thing in the morning when I woke a little earlier than expected and had a few moments to lie in bed … Read more

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Tessar Lo

Indonesian-Canadian artist and illustrator Tessar Lo has already been making waves in the magazine and gallery circuit. His paintings, combining Asian elements with themes of dreams, nature and human concepts, … Read more

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Olivia Edith

New York-based artist and illustrator Olivia Edith graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts before studying art in Paris. Her work isa beautiful collection of every dream you’ve … Read more

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