New art by Detroit-based George Rahme

Christopher Gideon Reader Find

By Christopher Gideon in New Art on Wednesday 3 October 2012

Fellow Detroit-based artist, George Rahme, is on a rampage. Or perhaps I should coin the term, Rahme-page. This past weekend I attended the opening for his new series, Fire Over Water at Public Pool in Hamtramck, Michigan. The excruciatingly tedious detail and complex use of layering in his collage work is simply unmatched. Multiply that by the overall scale of each piece (some measuring 8×8 feet), and it’s immediately apparent that he’s charging right into the upper echelons of world-renowned artists. Out of the way, Rahme is coming through!

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Gail Potocki

Gregory Curvey Reader Find

By Gregory Curvey in New Art on Saturday 30 July 2011

Gail Potocki is a Detroit painter and symbolist. You may wish to take her images at face value, but upon further exploration, you’ll find engaging puzzle pieces that hold the answer to a riddle, an urgent story. She uses oils as a medium and usually hand builds a unique frame for each of the works created.

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