Dennis Hopper recites Kipling on the Johnny Cash Show

Travis Garone Reader Find

By Travis Garone in Video on Wednesday 7 November 2012

Find a quiet place, turn it up, sit back and listen. Dennis Hopper delivering IF (Rudyard Kipling) on the Johnny Cash show commands your attention. The words spoken resonate with me and it’s due to the context in which they are spoken: it’s Dennis Hopper on the Johnny Cash show reciting ‘IF’. Doesn’t get any […]

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Photography by the late Dennis Hopper

Bello A.G Reader Find

By Bello A.G in New Photography on Friday 10 August 2012

Check out this photography and art by the late, great Dennis Hooper (1936-2010). An actor, film-maker, and artist, Hooper had a 56 year career during which he starred in, directed, and wrote the cult classic, Easy Rider, and starred in both Giant and Rebel Without A Cause with James Dean. He also photographed, became friends with, and collected work of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, including Warhol, Basquait, Schnabel, Haring, and Hirst.

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Human Highway: a movie written and directed by Neil Young

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Film on Wednesday 15 February 2012

In 1982, Neil Young wrote a movie that he co-directed (and co-starred) with Dean Stockwell. This movie also featured Dennis Hopper and Devo. It is called Human Highway, and it is one of the great works of Western Civilization. It’s only available on VHS as of now, but seek it out now if you haven’t […]

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The Cool School: a film about seminal LA artists in 50s, 60s

Mike Slobot Reader Find

By Mike Slobot in New Film on Monday 5 December 2011

The Cool School is an excellent look into the lives of some of the seminal artists creating their own scene in Los Angeles in the 1950s and 1960s. The film focuses around the Ferus Gallery and the artist, actors, and other creative types who were part of its success. Guest appearances come from Dennis Hopper, […]

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