Kamandi: a comic drawn by Jack Kirby for DC Comics

Earl Barrett-Holloway Reader Find

By Earl Barrett-Holloway in New Illustration on Tuesday 8 May 2012

I caught sight of something online and it shot me back to one of the first comics I ever saw: Kamandi 1972-1974. I had completely forgotten about this comic story. It’s written, drawn and edited for DC Comics by Jack Kirby (whaaaaat?!) DC Comics put out a handsome first volume and all I want to do is lay in bed, read Kamandi, and eat ice cream.

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Comic strip art by Yale Stewart

Cary Polkovitz Reader Find

By Cary Polkovitz in New Illustration on Thursday 5 April 2012

For those of you who are old school comic strip and DC Comics fans, this Tumblr feed is an ENORMOUS treat. Not only does the artwork harken back to the old-timey comic strips of (some of our) fondly remembered Sunday newspapers (remember those?), but the storyline and characterizations of classic Justice League of America standards […]

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