New mixtape of cover songs from Bastille

Dan Smith from Bastille Reader Find

By Dan Smith from Bastille in New Music on Tuesday 20 March 2012

I’m in the middle of making our album and started to get a bit worried about how long it had been since we had released something. Mark, the guy who I’m making the album with, had always wanted to make a mixtape, so we decided to do an album of covers. I had done a cover of City High’s What Would You Do? at the end of last year and it got a good response. I’d also been listening to The Weeknd and Frank Ocean a lot, and we wanted to put out something that was as easy to get hold of — and hopefully somewhere near as good — as their mixtapes.

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Axel Antas

Rami of Delay Trees Reader Find

By Rami of Delay Trees in New Photography on Wednesday 3 August 2011

Finnish artist Axel Antas’ photographs have a special dream-like atmosphere about them. I remember asking him if we could use some of his photos in our album art, but I think he never replied. Instead we used San Francisco-based photographer Dan Smith.

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