ParaNorman: new 3D stop-motion by the makers of Coraline

Jonathan Phelps Reader Find

By Jonathan Phelps in New Film on Friday 4 May 2012

Laika’s new film, ParaNorman, a 3D stop-motion animation film from the creators of Coraline, is hitting theaters in August. Even within the computer revolution, there are more people working in stop-motion animation than ever before. Also coming out this year are Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie and Ardman Studio’s Pirates: Band of Misfits, all in 3D stop-motion. […]

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Dont Panic Reader Find

By Dont Panic in New Film on Friday 20 February 2009

A high-definition 3D animated feature, Coraline took three years to complete and features the work of director Henry Selick, who employs old-fashioned stop-motion animation enhanced by computers to create the movie’s stunning visual effects.

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