From the LAEM Online store: Dosh Wallets

Alison Shepard Contributor

By Alison Shepard in New Products on Saturday 14 April 2012

Sleek and savvy wallets by Australian accessories brand, Dosh. These innovative super slim wallets are made of cutting-edge polymer material that is durable, water and chemical resistant, yet still soft to touch. Check out assorted types and colors in the Lost At E Minor store.

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100 percent duct tape wallets

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Eco on Wednesday 14 December 2011

I love duct tape. I love duct tape so much that when my pleather boots started peeling, I duct-taped them to death. Since then, I don’t think I’ve loved another pair of shoes quite as much. From Denver, Ducti makes wallets entirely out of duct tape with nickel plated gommels, and come in a variety […]

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The Fold: a wallet for discerning gentlemen

Contributions Reader Find

By in New Fashion on Thursday 30 June 2011

I’ve always believed that there are three things that men need to invest in: a nice pair of shoes, a good watch, and a fancy wallet. There is nothing less appealing than a grown man who uses a wallet with ear-splitting velcro seals. Why not beat out the competition by getting this new-age wallet that […]

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