A magnetically patchable live remix synth

Snorkel Reader Find

By Snorkel in Video on Thursday 4 August 2011

Folktek were brought to our attention by producer Ivor Guest, who has started to buy some of their instruments. They are beautifully made, sound and look fantastic and are wonderfully erratic: a blend of analogue circuitry, junkyard sound generating devices, and high-end digital processing.

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OP-1 by Teenage Engineering

Ary Warnaar from Anamanaguchi Reader Find

By Ary Warnaar from Anamanaguchi in New Trends on Friday 10 June 2011

The OP-1 is the most gorgeous synth/sampler I have ever seen. The layout and sounds it can produce seem quite unique and ideal for production and live use. It was also in part developed by the same guy who created the software I use to make music on a Game Boy — LSDJ by Johan […]

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