Bacon scarf comes with a fried egg brooch

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Fashion on Tuesday 12 February 2013

In case you haven’t noticed the trend as of late, bacon is so hot right now. Sizzling hot. And what better way to show your allegiance to the greasy breakfast dish than to wear it as a statement piece? Thanks to Irena Rudman, wearing your breakfast as a cozy scarf is now a fashionable option. […]

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Silk scarves for science geeks

Michele Banks Reader Find

By Michele Banks in New Fashion on Tuesday 18 September 2012

I’m a painter and collage artist whose work is inspired by science, especially biology. After years of creating colorful riffs on mitosis, brain cells, bacteria and other microscopic marvels, I decided to branch out.

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Quirky food-themed scarves by Twinkie Chan

Gemma Robinson Reader Find

By Gemma Robinson in New Fashion on Thursday 17 May 2012

Crochet queen Twinkie Chan has been making her quirky food-themed scarves and accessories since 2005. Her delicious range includes cheeseburger mitts, candy stick wrist warmers and a pepperoni pizza brooch, though my personal favourite has to be her bonkers bacon and egg scarf.

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Italian twill silk scarves by Misha Milovanovich

Bridget Barnett Contributor

By Bridget Barnett in New Fashion on Thursday 17 May 2012

These Italian twill silk scarves are part of a limited-edition run by London based visual artist Misha Milovanovich. Misha cites travel, 60s prints, Allen Ginsberg’s poetry, Pop Art, Jazz music and New York as her inspiration, and claims to ‘spin, rhyme, mix and scratch her colours and patterns like a Voodoo Hip Hop artist on substances known to alter cognition and perception’. Accompanying artist babble aside, the scarfs are pretty great.

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Swash scarves

Sonya Rosendorff Reader Find

By Sonya Rosendorff in New Fashion on Friday 24 April 2009

These scarves designed by Sarah Swash and her boyfriend Toshio Yamanaka always feature their whippet and play on a sense of urban sophistication inspired by the surrounds of their East London studio. Definitely a justified indulgence.

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