Featured Image for Deenesh Ghyczy’s fragmented portraits
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Trevor Kelley: A Fluid Portrait

Aiming to cultivate a dialogue between the work and viewer, Trevor Kelley presents new portraits using the juxtaposition of a synthetic medium and organic form. The resulting images speak vibrantly … Read more

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Daniel Kornrumpf

Check out potrait artist Daniel Kornrumpf amazing embroidered pieces. The textures he achieves with these are really impressive.

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Marie Larkin

I love the sweeping use of bold colour and the fragile, melancholic doll faces that permeate the work of Australian artist, Marie Larkin.

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Portrait series by Jacob de Graaf

Netherlands-based artist Jacob de Graaf spent eight months in 2010 drawing one portrait a day of very dapper men and posted them to his blog. It was really something to … Read more

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Lucas Simoes

I’m really digging these densely layered ‘unportrait’ collages by Sao Paulo-based artist Lucas Simoes.

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