People I’ve Slept With photo project

Hannah Miller Reader Find

By Hannah Miller in New Photography on Tuesday 15 November 2011

I began this project with the somewhat creepy idea to photograph the people I meet during my travels – whilst they were asleep. Luckily, on waking, most people are simply bemused as I explain why I’ve photographed them unawares. The result is an ongoing series of sleeping portraits and personal stories called People I’ve Slept With.

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The Makers: photo project celebrating local craftsmanship

Christine Utterberg Reader Find

By Christine Utterberg in New Events on Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Makers is a photo project started by photographer Jennifer Causey. Interested in all the handmade and artisan products being made in Brooklyn, Causey began documenting them. Each photo series and interview celebrates a handcrafted product, from fragrances to chocolate, and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmen at work.

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