Watch Listen Tell: a series of acoustic sets by indie bands

Savannah Van der Niet Reader Find

By Savannah Van der Niet in New Music on Tuesday 4 December 2012

Whatever happened to good old fashioned jam-sessions and chilled acoustic music? It’s all over at Watch Listen Tell. Watch Listen Tell, based in England, records bands performing acoustic versions of their songs. From names like Bombay Bicycle Club, Lucy Rose, Two Door Cinema Club and Young the Giant, they will easily soak up hours of […]

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Awesome music video for singer Mac Demarco by Gus Pewe

Tim Pewe Reader Find

By Tim Pewe in Video on Friday 16 November 2012

Gus Péwés short film, This Vacuum is Too Loud [watch below], won the Hammer to Nail Short Film Contest in June 2012. Reviewer Michael Tully notes: ‘Made while a freshman undergraduate, Péwé’s film is a super-duper example of a class assignment made on a tiny budget that has something many professionally produced films at more widely heralded film schools are often missing: a truly distinct voice’. Péwé also has started making music videos. Here’s one for the singer Mac Demarco.

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Scarecrow: new music by New York’s Simone Felice

Tajette O Halloran Reader Find

By Tajette O Halloran in New Music on Saturday 11 August 2012

Simone Felice is from upstate New York. He is an author, poet, songwriter and a survivor of two very near death experiences. He often sings about drugs, prostitutes, guns, whiskey and war, all delivered with his expressive and soulfoul voice. I love his intensity and the rhythm in his songwriting. This is a great video […]

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The Ritual Project handpaint ads on the sides of NYC buildings

Scott Tulay Reader Find

By Scott Tulay in Video on Wednesday 8 August 2012

This video by The Ritual Project with music by The Album Leaf is two years old, but periodically I go back into my bookmarks to watch these guys hand-painting advertisements on the sides of buildings New York.

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Video for Ned Collette & Wirewalker’s single Long You Lie

Rebecca Newman Reader Find

By Rebecca Newman in Video on Tuesday 12 June 2012

Lucy Dyson is a Berlin-based artist, music video director and animator. Dyson uses cutouts from vintage magazines to make films that are unique, fun and wonderfully nostalgic.

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Brown Lullaby: a new music video by Black Mekon

Lee Basford Reader Find

By Lee Basford in New Music on Friday 1 June 2012

Black Mekon are a partial mystery. It appears to be two men (or one, or three?) who give away very little information other than tall tales regarding their origin and a wealth of interesting music videos online. Shying away from the usual baggage that comes with being a band, Black Mekon would rather let their […]

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New OK Go video for their song Last Leaf

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Video on Wednesday 10 November 2010

The new OK Go video for their song Last Leaf was creatively directed by Nadeem Mazen and Ali Mohammad and features beautiful animation by Geoff McFetridge.

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Coco Rosie’s Gallows directed by Emma Freeman

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Music on Tuesday 2 November 2010

I love the new Coco Rosie video for their typically black and cryptic track Gallows. It was created by Tropfest winning director, Melbourne-based Emma Freeman.

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Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass

Troy Mattison Hicks Reader Find

By Troy Mattison Hicks in New Music on Tuesday 26 October 2010

The new single Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass will make you want to put on some short-shorts and go disco romping through your neighbor’s garden. !!! is the band you might actually want to be in: the groove is always fresh, and the party never ends. Their new album is out now on Warp Records.

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April Smith and the Great Picture Show’s Terrible Things video

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Music on Tuesday 26 October 2010

We’re loving the new video from April Smith and the Great Picture Show — Terrible Things — which has been released to coincide with Halloween and features Smith grinding her dinner guests into next week’s leftovers. Haha! Sounds like fun.

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Aloe Blacc’s I Need A Dollar

Troy Mattison Hicks Reader Find

By Troy Mattison Hicks in New Music on Friday 22 October 2010

Check out this new video by the excellent soul singer, Aloe Blacc. Very smooth, genuine and cool music from this California native. I Need A Dollar is the theme to the HBO series How to Make it in America and is now on heavy rotation everyday before I go to work.

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Meyhem Lauren’s video for Got the Fever

Daniel Fletcher Reader Find

By Daniel Fletcher in New Music on Friday 15 October 2010

In New York City, hip-hop and graffiti run as tight as Wu and Tang. Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren’s new music video for Got the Fever celebrates this hallowed union in glossy HD. Directed by rising photographer Tom Gould, the video catches the city’s finest street artists bombing landmarks across the boroughs. It’s also a beautiful […]

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Midnight Juggernauts’ Lara vs The Savage Pack

Nini Baseema Contributor

By Nini Baseema in New Music on Friday 15 October 2010

This video here makes me happy for several reasons: the tune is great, the boys are cute, the vocals and the groove are really my thing, and the video, directed by Lucinda Schreiber and Beatrice Pegard, simply rocks. It was shot frame by frame, then re-shot using over 2,000 printed pieces of paper.

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Sleigh Bells’ Infinity Guitars

Lamia Larkin Reader Find

By Lamia Larkin in Video on Wednesday 13 October 2010

This brings me back to my youth-defying authority days, when skipping school and rolling my skirt up a few inches was a must. Now that I’ve grown out of that phase, I keep my acts of defiance to eating junk food, oversleeping, and blasting this song in my car while politely yelling at everyone to […]

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Professor Green’s awesome Monster video

Casper Johansson Reader Find

By Casper Johansson in New Music on Tuesday 12 October 2010

We dig the new Professor Green song, Monster. Not quite as much, though, as the video for it, which sees Green create his own version of a haunted house.

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