On An Overgrown Path

Ash Black Bufflo Reader Find

By Ash Black Bufflo in Cool Websites on Tuesday 7 June 2011

On An Overgrown Path is my favorite music blog. I hear a lot of people lamenting the state of the music industry: from sales to labels, bands and performers. Few folks seem as energized by music as the blog’s author, Bob Shingleton, a former EMI exec.

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Jazner: a tasteful music blog by Julian Schoen

Molly Sarle and Tom Greenberg Reader Find

By Molly Sarle and Tom Greenberg in Cool Websites on Thursday 19 May 2011

In the relatively short amount of time I have spent browsing the .0000001% of the music blogs floating around, I’ve often (not always) found myself feeling that, one, I miss writers when I’m cornered into digesting five-worded, genre-filled prefaces to an artist I’ve not yet heard and, two, that I must be moving on anyway […]

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