Sleek and space-saving chef’s knives

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Design on Tuesday 16 October 2012

These are essentially the Russian Nesting Dolls of knives. The Deglon Meeting Knives are a set of four knives cut from one thin block of stainless steel. All four knives fit inside each other, which makes for a sleek and space-efficient design. These beautiful knives will inspire anyone to be a world-class chef. Maybe.

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Minova ceramic knives

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Products on Wednesday 20 October 2010

These Minova ceramic knives with gorgeous images printed onto the blades are freaking badass, but I want them to make one with skulls and dragons and stuff. That’s the one I would tell some rich person to buy for me.

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