Brutal Knitting by Tracy Widdess

Dunya Atay Reader Find

By Dunya Atay in New Trends on Friday 7 December 2012

Tracy Widdess knows has known how to knit brutally since 1999. Sci-fi and horror-inspired brightly colored hand-knitted masks are perfect for you all types of human-shaped monsters. Visit her shrine here.

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Amigurumi: the Japanese art of knitting stuffed animals

Marie Larkin Reader Find

By Marie Larkin in New Art on Thursday 23 June 2011

It seems that the more apps we can load into our iPhones, the more tech savvy we become, the more many of us are returning to the handmade. Blogs and websites such as Meet Me At Mikes abound for the new generation aficionados of knitting, felting, and crochet.

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