Featured Image for Push and Pivot Rings by Bethan Laura Woods
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Jewellery made from recycled barbie dolls

It’s difficult to describe the confusion you feel when you realize that beautiful, humanoid–like artistic form of a necklace or earring is actually a well-known childhood’s friend’s smile. What a … Read more

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Jewellery design by Edenborough Evans

Edenborough Evans is my favourite jewellery designer for 2011. Designer Anna Cowan uses handmade wax formations and old fashioned seal stamps to create the moulds as part of her collection. … Read more

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Upcycled jewellery by Johanne Bertaux-Strenna

East London-based costume and jewellery designer Johanne Bertaux-Strenna loves nothing more than to repurpose materials in a bid to create cool, original and environmentally friendly items for the discerning traveller. … Read more

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LowLuv jewellery range by Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson is a rare breed of supermodel: versatile, beautiful and full of charm. Notoriously known for her hardworking ethic, Wasson has styled Alexander Wang’s runway shows and graced the … Read more

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