iPad app turns your photos into geometric art

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Products on Thursday 16 August 2012

This cool iPad app lets you draw with points and turn any photo into a ‘geometric array of colors’. The program uses Triangulation technology to turn your photo into an instant multifaceted work of art. The app even features different rendering styles, such as flat, wireframe, point, and color blending.

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Conrad Roset creates a new drawing app for iPad

Andres Colmenares Reader Find

By Andres Colmenares in Video on Friday 20 July 2012

Conrad Roset, a freelance illustrator based in Barcelona, well-known for his female body Muses series, has launched a crowdfunding project on Verkami, the Spanish version of Kickstarter, to develop an iPad app which will allow users not only to explore the works of the artist, but also create drawings with Roset’s style.

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Coin Catcher: a fast-paced game for iPad

Mark Schreiber Reader Find

By Mark Schreiber in New Products on Friday 29 June 2012

Coin Catcher is a fast-paced game for iPad from the people at PlayMoolah, who are on a mission to teach kids how to manage money so they won’t end up like me. Shake to catch falling coins of different denominations, as well as healthy snacks. But beware of donuts and soda cans, which will lower your score. Fifty quick levels and free play for only 199 pennies.

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BeatPad for the iPad

MartyParty Reader Find

By MartyParty in Cool Websites on Wednesday 18 January 2012

I live on my iPad and iPhone. They are my pals on the road. I’ve tried all the music production tools on the iPad but BeatPad is the best. It is the only one I actually make usable clips with, a real workhorse with all the right features and sounds. I can literally spend ten […]

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Turn your iPhone into a crazy crystal glass instrument

Contributions Reader Find

By Dainofunk in New Trends on Saturday 10 September 2011

This is a bizarre and funny musical app for the iPhone and iPad. Have you ever tried to make sounds with crystal glasses? Now you can use your phone or pad as a crazy instrument with all the notes, as well as challenge yourself over 20 levels of fun. Clink clink.

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Stereolizer iPad app

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Trends on Monday 28 March 2011

Stereolizer is an app that turns your iPad into an ’80s stereo with an interface that includes a radio dial which allows you to access streaming radio all over the world, and a tape deck that you can use to record things: music, messages, radio shows. You can eject ‘tapes’, edit and catalog them, just […]

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Horizons iPhone and iPad app

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Trends on Monday 1 November 2010

I’m really digging the Horizons app, an ‘interactive sound toy’ for the iPhone and iPad which merges the beautifully atmospheric sounds of Eli Murray (Gentleforce) with generative visuals of Lukasz Karluk. Says Karluk: “it’s an exploration of colour, sound and form. The design of the piece focuses on creating subtle colour refractions in a rich colour scape complemented by deep, immersive sounds’.

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