Need stylish new eyeglasses fast? Trioo is the place to look

Nicole Hughes Contributor

By Nicole Hughes in New Products on Wednesday 29 October 2014

Did you sit on another pair of eyeglasses? Or scratch the lenses again? No worries. Trioo is the place to look (pun intended) for the fastest, best quality eyeglasses. The global, online optical eyewear company has a design team in Paris and a production team in Shanghai. Keeping up-to-date on the latest international trends, Trioo makes sure style and quality go hand-in-hand.

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A Chart of Famous Eyewear: who wore what specs

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in New Fashion on Wednesday 2 October 2013

Choosing the right eyewear for yourself can be a pretty daunting task. You have to consider face shape, color, personality, eye prescription, budget, and so on. Oh my, all that effort for something people won’t even notice? Shame, shame. Pop Chart Lab, Inc. in Brooklyn, New York, came up with a good solution: A chart […]

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Tipsy Glasses are drunk all the time

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Products on Monday 6 February 2012

Hello, Loris and Livia’s Tipsy Glasses. We know you weren’t always this slushed. Do you remember a time when you were bright and shiny 250ml Duralex Picardie glasses? Then you got mixed up in some heated kiln and had a meltdown. You obviously need to get better at holding your liquor. Here, drink up.

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Hands, Cross and Wings glasses

Bridget Barnett Contributor

By Bridget Barnett in New Products on Monday 12 September 2011

Remember four years ago when Kanye West wore a pair of crazy striped white sunglasses in his Stronger video clip? It seemed like every member of Gen MTV jumped on the bandwagon, and there were a few years where you couldn’t go to a music festival without seeing a thousand knock off pairs among the glow sticks and fluro shirts.

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Kick Eyes glasses: made from felt!

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in New Fashion on Saturday 23 April 2011

Kick Eyes, the latest novelty product from Nono Muaks, lets you express your own view on life. The trendy, bendy, laser-cut shades are made of felt, have no lenses, and will never break. Grab a pair in electric, pirate, love, sneaky, classic or jail eyes.

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Lunette Eyewear 2011 Kollektion

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in New Products on Friday 4 February 2011

Lunette optical frames look so stunning that the Berlin-based eyewear company does not need to employ a ‘sex sells’ strategy to their latest advertising campaign. The 2011 series focuses on casually sophisticated and classic looking frames for all face shapes and sizes. Ooh wee! Goodbye daily contact use.

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