Where The Truck app finds food trucks in Australia

Darwin Cosico Contributor

By Darwin Cosico in Tech on Friday 25 January 2013

Food trucks are big in Melbourne. You’ll discover food from Latin America, such as Dos Diablos Mobile Cantina and Taco Truck, to Gumbo Kitchen, a food truck serving culinary delights from New Orleans. With so many options, it’s hard to keep up where they’re located every night. Where The Truck At was set-up last year […]

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Wood-fired pizzas from the Del Poplo food truck

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Trends on Wednesday 28 November 2012

Food trucks, despite being innately transient, are clearly here to stay. Some boast unique concepts with good food at digestible prices. Others, are overrated. And some are pushing the boundaries of creativity in the kitchen all from a moving vehicle.

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Cantina at a Fixed Address, Sydney

Katrina Whitehead Reader Find

By Katrina Whitehead in New Food and Packaging on Monday 15 October 2012

While it seems the rest of the world has long-embraced the food truck concept, Sydney is a little slow on the uptake. But at last, it’s happening and just in time for the warmer months. One of the very first off the rank, Cantina Mobil, is a cool little truck that has been roving around Sydney’s northern beaches serving up simple yet delicious Mexican-inspired fare. Founded by Rode Vella and Stephanie Raco, they boast a pretty authentic menu of slow-cooked meats and desserts like mango pudding that’s great after a day on the sand.

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An American food truck in Paris

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Food and Packaging on Saturday 9 June 2012

When another food truck slinging tacos and burgers hits the streets of New York or San Francisco, it can easily go unnoticed. But in Paris? Mon dieu! Oui, mesdames and messieurs, the food truck has crossed the pond and is now happily chugging along those infamous Parisian streets where baguettes and foie gras once ruled the day.

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La Copine Brunch Truck, Philadelphia

Suzie Brown Reader Find

By Suzie Brown in Cool Travel on Friday 10 June 2011

I’m obsessed with the La Copine Brunch Truck. This place offers gourmet, and I mean GOURMET, breakfast and lunch food (extremely reasonably priced, I might add) out of a cute truck in Northern Liberties. To top it off, there’s picnic seating, with tents in the case of rain.

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