Fingernail landscapes by Alice Bartlett

Tajette O Halloran Reader Find

By Tajette O Halloran in New Art on Tuesday 14 August 2012

Fingernail landscapes. What’s not to love? Alice Bartlett creates tiny landscapes on fingernails using miniature people and astro turf. Creativity has no bounds.

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Fingernails by Sophy Robson

Jess Zaino Reader Find

By Jess Zaino in New Fashion on Thursday 5 August 2010

A glam outfit is not complete without the head to toe details. In particular, a tight manicure with all of the designer fixings. Sophy Robson is the manicurist to the stars, with credits including a Kylie Minogue album cover. If you can’t spot the high price tag to fly Robson in for a private session […]

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