Zana Bayne

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Fashion on Monday 23 August 2010

I was checking out fashion blog LLOOOK and found this amazing harness from Zana Bayne’s new line.

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What to wear? Ask your favourite blogger

Sonya Gee Reader Find

By Sonya Gee in New Fashion on Tuesday 10 February 2009

If you can’t get enough people watching in when you’re out and about and love reading those trashy red carpet fashion specials in weekly glossies, there are quite a few time consuming fashion blogs out there in which be immersed. Thoroughly. For the Vogue-reading, detail-loving fashion forwards, there’s the happy curation that is The Sartorialist. The baby of an ex-fashion marketer, the bodies featured on this site are chosen for their individuality and experimentation: be it long blue socks and Burberry gumboots on the rainy streets of New York, or a three-piece suit complete with handkerchief and flower on an aging gentleman.

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