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The Hungover Cookbook

Everybody seems to have their own remedy for it: aspirin, coffee, soda water, hair of the dog. But now a man named Milton Crawford (a Brit, naturally) has written an … Read more

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Modernist Cuisine

‘The cookbook to end all cookbooks’. That’s what culinary guru David Chang has called Modernist Cuisine, the six-volume cooking tome that’s due out in March. The brainchild of Nathan Myhrvold, … Read more

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La Puglia in un piatto cookbook

La Puglia in un piatto is food porn with swagger. Deep, midnight blue mussels are scattered nonchalantly with emeralds, creams, and reds that pop like confetti off the cookbook’s page. … Read more

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Flux Monochrome Cookbook

Ok I made fun of the Flux Sausages, but this monochrome cookbook, which has recipes for six three-course meals — black, blue, red, green, yellow, and white — is awesome … Read more

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More or Less: A Cookbook

More or Less: A Cookbook is a beautiful collaboration between designer Lottie Crumbleholme and illustrator Emma Löfström. Together, both women created a visually striking project ‘centered around food, conversation, and … Read more

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The Geometry of Pasta

I’m not eating pasta right now (avoiding gluten), but it’s still one of my favorite foods, and this beautiful cookbook designed by Caz Hildebrand and written by chef Jacob Kenedy … Read more

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