Notes from authors about their own writing

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Cool Websites on Tuesday 28 May 2013

Have you ever wondered what an author truly thought about the novel they wrote? This collection of first edition books are full of interesting notes and thoughts straight from the author. Discover exactly what they thought about their writing and understand the motives behind it all. This collection came about when Peter Straus had the creative […]

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New book full of well designed hate mail

Shaun Lynch Reader Find

By Shaun Lynch in New Products on Friday 14 December 2012

UK illustrator and biting wit, Mr Bingo, decided to keep the tradition of postcard sending alive through touching and thoughtful insults. And who doesn’t love a good dose of swearing and hand-rendered personal attacks arriving on their door mat? If only this service were still running, I’d be shelling out 20 quid to be told I’ll ‘never be as good as Peter Andre’. Luckily the 400 bits of hate mail have now been collated into a lovely book.

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The Newer York: too legit to be lit

The Soda Shop Reader Find

By The Soda Shop in Cool Websites on Monday 16 July 2012

Writing redefined. The Newer York is a fresh take on life for creative people. The book is ‘written’ by a series of submissions from artists and writers from around the world. Published by Joshua Raab, the pocket sized, 60 page book is simply charming, delightfully witty, sometimes brutal, and extremely visceral. Leafing through the creamy […]

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Young Punks: a new book by Paolo Sedazzari

Marcos Villasenor Reader Find

By Marcos Villasenor in New Products on Tuesday 3 July 2012

In our fame-obsessed culture, we’re fed daily (whether we like it or not) with every little detail (real or invented) about the lives of stars. In his wonderful ‘oral novel’, Paolo Sedazzari attempts the opposite: he fleshes out the biography of a band that never was. There is no Hollywood ending where the three young […]

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Joe Hill’s book Horns

Lydia Loveless Reader Find

By Lydia Loveless in New Products on Saturday 1 October 2011

It seems like I always stumble across Joe Hill’s writing in a time of desperate need for something to read. Most recently was when I was on tour and searching up and down for a good bookstore. Just as I’d given up and decided no one reads in San Diego, we found a little indie bookstore and Horns jumped at me off one of the shelves.

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Bike Snob by BikeSnobNYC

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Trends on Friday 30 April 2010

Eben Weiss, the authority on cycling better known as BikeSnobNYC, just released an amusing and impassioned treatise on bike culture featuring illustrations by Chris Koelle and 208 pages of insights, musings, and rants about the growing contingent of people who get around on two wheels.

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A Year of Fauchon

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Products on Wednesday 28 April 2010

Rich pralines, vivid petit fours, wispy French meringues, and deep pastry creams piped into light éclairs, then coated with iconic works of art. Only at Fauchon. And now, happily, no matter where you are, you can capture a year’s worth of this hyper-luxe French foodie haven’s sweet and savory delights right on your coffee table.

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