Terrific selection of book covers from 1960s korea

Peter Mclisky Reader Find

By Peter Mclisky in New Design on Monday 12 March 2012

This whole site is great, but these children’s book covers alone are pretty spectacular. Superb colours (probably Letterpress) and great design, evoking an era when graphic design became a recognised art form.

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The Book Cover Club: read a book, design a cover for it

Philip Cheaney Reader Find

By Philip Cheaney in New Illustration on Wednesday 31 August 2011

It’s time you were be able to judge a book by its cover (something that I wished worked for wine, too). A handful of MFA Illustration grads from the School of Visual Arts decided to form a somewhat atypical book club by combining their interests for art and reading. The idea is a simple one: […]

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