Cats In The Alley: the comic book adventures of punk rock cats

Erik Kraft Reader Find

By Erik Kraft in New Illustration on Tuesday 26 March 2013

Cats In The Alley started as two soul mate cats who were living in an alley. Dizzy and Tabs are punk rock cats who like books and libraries and making things out of stuff thoughtless people have thrown out. They don’t like eminent domain and things that would ruin the alley. What I really think? […]

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RawForBeauty: an addictive health food blog

Esben Svane Reader Find

By Esben Svane in Cool Websites on Wednesday 20 March 2013

It’s hard to stop browsing this blog: learn about herbs, spices and vegetables and how they can make you feel better physically. It’s healthy advice combined with ancient words of wisdom, quotes from legends and lots of stuff about being human in general. They even have a good online store where you can order several […]

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A House of Lies: the quest to find the ‘most 90s’ movies

Matt Warren Reader Find

By Matt Warren in Cool Websites on Thursday 17 January 2013

This blog is full of nostalgia as I grew up in the 90s and loved so many of these films. I admire the author’s dedication to the cause, as he challenges himself to find ‘the most ‘90’s film of all time’. His views and commentary are humorous as he thoroughly dissects these films. It’s great to reminisce about this era of movie making, and at the same time, it’s scary to see how dated things have become!

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Oh, Pioneer!: a curated collection of beautiful images

Julie Frey Reader Find

By Julie Frey in Cool Websites on Friday 9 March 2012

If you feel fed up with fast-paced life, take a moment, go to the Oh, Pioneer! blog, take a deep breath and scroll through this amazing collection of images. If you’re stuck in front of a screen most of the day, this blog is a breath of fresh air, sure to remind you of the […]

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A critical blog called America Is A …

Nils Clauss Reader Find

By Nils Clauss in Cool Websites on Saturday 4 February 2012

‘America is a …’ is a blog about what America is not, more like what America was, used to be, and has become. None of these things are positive, but more importantly in these times, they are representative of the ever-shifting and eroding landscape of what was once a democracy or American exceptionalism.

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The Juvenilia: an art and literature blog

Contributions Reader Find

By Eve Lesser in Cool Websites on Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Juvenilia is an art and literature blog that aims to capture, in their words, ‘the strange beauty that forms when worldly perspectives come together’. Almost every contributor is from a different country, with content that ranges from stunning nature photography and cheerfully bizarre artwork, to philosophical musings and trilingual poetry.

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Silent Cities

Flux Magazine Reader Find

By Flux Magazine in Cool Websites on Monday 18 July 2011

We like this blog, Silent Cities. We like seeing images of some of the most noisy and crowded places in the world momentarily bathed in silence. There is something both serene and eerie about these scenes. The images above and below are from London, Sydney and Detroit.

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Butterfly Stories: snarky take on just about everything

Tidelands Reader Find

By Tidelands in Cool Websites on Wednesday 22 June 2011

This is a local blog by our writer friend Olu Johnson, who’s got a snarky take on just about everything floating about the interwebs. But why not take your news with a bit of humor and snark? From local neighborhood issues, to sports, national politics, and viral phenomenon, Butterfly Stories is a great resource for […]

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