Follow the Sun: new music by Melbourne band Private Life

Charlie Gleason Reader Find

By Charlie Gleason in New Music on Tuesday 12 June 2012

There is something hypnotic about the voice of Renee Cassar, one half of Melbourne-based indie pop darlings Private Life. Alongside Jamie Barlow, of The Melodics fame, they have crafted an incredible single with Follow The Sun. Cassar’s vocals drift, desolate, against the stark background of crunching guitars, while the pounding rhythm makes my heart race. It is trapped inside my head, and I fucking love it.

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The Gossip

Amy Freeborn Reader Find

By Amy Freeborn in New Music on Thursday 11 March 2010

The Gossip are the three-piece punk rock electro band from Olympia, Washington’s underground scene who broke through in the UK in spectacular style in 2006 with the single and album Standing In The Way Of Control. Lead by the unlikely rock star, lesbian, feminist, fashion icon and ‘cool’ person Beth Ditto, the trio have just […]

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The Happy Hollows animated video and giveaway

Casper Johansson Reader Find

By Casper Johansson in Video on Wednesday 24 February 2010

Directed by Benjamin Hoste, the stop motion animation clip for LA art-rock trio, The Happy Hollows, is accentuated by a barrage of random shapes, a matted water color palate and the occasional splatter of paint. We’re giving away a Happy Hollows prize pack featuring a copy of their debut album, Spells, a t-shirt, 7″ vinyl, […]

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Rabbit Punch

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Music on Tuesday 2 February 2010

The music of Gainesville-based trio Rabbit Punch induces a feeling not unlike riding the moving walkway at O’Hare International Airport, a strange sense of drama emerging from the endlessly repeating neon rainbow overhead. Distant guitar howls and digital bleeps and bloops call out like spirits from a binary forest, while synthesized melodies, the occasional processed […]

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The Dark Was The Night compilation

Francis Andrews Reader Find

By Francis Andrews in New Music on Saturday 24 January 2009

The crew at 4AD, watching over perhaps the hottest artist roster of any independent label in the world, have put their collective minds together and come up with an album that holds every potential of being the finest release of the year. The formula is simple: you grab a batch of the hottest bands and […]

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