Avocado: a long distance hugging app

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in Tech on Friday 20 December 2013

One of the biggest, if not THE biggest, challenge in a long distance relationship is the absence of physical contact. Whether it be kissing, hugging, holding hands, or sex, the absence of all these intimate activities can take its toll on a relationship. Believe me, I’ve been there *lies down and cries.* But one app […]

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An app that lets you clone yourself

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in Tech on Thursday 19 December 2013

Clone Yourself is an app that helps create multiple versions of you in a jiffy. But just to be clear, these clones won’t be there to help you take out the trash or wash the dishes or go on multiple dates with different women at the same time. These clones only exists in your photos. […]

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Yellow Ribbon: a nostalgic love note app

Contributions Reader Find

By Contributions in Tech on Tuesday 12 March 2013

We just recently finished a low poly commercial for a Korean company called MagnaLAB to promote their flagship app, YellowRibbon. The app allows the users to send a message to a person who can only open the message when he/she gets to the specific location the sender wants them to go to. This video explains the story […]

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Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl comes with a built-in iPhone dock

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Products on Tuesday 19 February 2013

With my husband and I separated by a literal ocean for the past two months, I immediately clicked with this Anti-Loneliness Bowl. Yeah, the name kind of stings but the idea is a brilliant one. If you can’t get to your date for some reason this week, why not send them this ramen bowl with […]

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New Moleskin notebook analog app for iPhone

Ignasi Giro Reader Find

By Ignasi Giro in Tech on Friday 25 January 2013

Our Barcelona-based agency, Honest&Smile, presents the first Moleskine Notebook that works as an analog app. It allows you to record split-screen conversations, manually filter images with its Handyfilters (to have fun in Instagram with), and, well, several other surprising uses, too.

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Samplr: an awesome audio sampler app

The Suicide Of Western Culture Reader Find

By The Suicide Of Western Culture in Tech on Thursday 13 December 2012

This app was made in BCN by Marcos Alonso. It has impressive usability and musical production possibilities in addition to many different samples playback modes: tape emulator, looper, scratch. It has everything you might demand of a sampler machine, and even more – pithcbend, reverse, slicer, shuffle, quantization, and the sort. You can also record […]

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iMaschine: a cool new beat-making app

Ras Kwame Reader Find

By Ras Kwame in New Music on Tuesday 6 March 2012

I’m banging out the beats with this app and I’m addicted. There’s quite a few mobile beat making apps lurking about, but this one’s the best by far. It’s reminiscent of the constant desk drumming days at school. The kids have got no excuse these days when it comes to self expression. Expect some titanic beats courtesy of […]

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Younicorn app

Kenzie Larsen Reader Find

By Kenzie Larsen in New Trends on Friday 27 January 2012

So have you seen that app that turns your portrait into a unicorn version of you set to a kitschy unicorn dreaming hypercolour backdrop? A real party starter (or stopper), this app is a must for anyone who has ever believed that actually magic happens.

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