Hunter S. Thompson’s comic book biography

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Illustration on Wednesday 15 May 2013

This isn’t your second grader’s super hero comic book. No, this is an uncommon biography of legendary iconoclastic author. This is the comic book biography of Hunter S Thompson, father of Gonzo Journalism. This is the story of a man respected as a professional bum, thief,  liar,  addict, and tough-as-nails journalist. Designed and illustrated in bold black and […]

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Wendy: a comic strip by Montreal artist Walter Scott

Raymond Biesinger Reader Find

By Raymond Biesinger in New Illustration on Tuesday 22 January 2013

There are two well known people by the name of Walter Scott. One is a Scottish historical novelist; the other is a Montreal-based comic artist whose strip I’ve fallen in love with. It’s called Wendy and it’s all about that very awkward party phase between art school and perhaps becoming an artist, the very same […]

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Study Group Comic Books

Nathan Marsh Reader Find

By Nathan Marsh in New Illustration on Tuesday 2 October 2012

Study Group Comic Books is an independent publisher that’s gathered together some remarkable sequential artists. While they put out a printed anthology, all of the work is made freely available to read, most updated page by page on a weekly basis. Among my favorites are Levon Jihanian’s stylish fantasy adventure Danger County, Adian Koch’s ephemeral and gorgeously sparse The Blonde Woman, and Julia Gfrörer’s dark tale of a man lost at sea, Black is the Color.

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Comic Book City in Angouleme, France

Cheyenne Tulsa Contributor

By Cheyenne Tulsa in Cool Travel on Thursday 6 September 2012

In the early ’00s, Angouleme, in south-west France, declared itself to be la cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image – the international city of comic books and the image. It underlined this claim by hosting a winter comic book festival rivalled in size and attendance only by San Diego’s Comic-Con – although San Diego doesn’t go as far as having excerpts of famed French comics painted on the high walls of its buildings (and, ask anyone, Angouleme’s content is a deal smarter and more adult). 

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New illustrations by Tony Sandoval

Dusk Puppet Reader Find

By Dusk Puppet in New Illustration on Wednesday 15 August 2012

Tony Sandoval is a comic artist and illustrator. His work could be decribed as dark, whimsical, terryfying, and cute, all at once. He has produced several books inclusing Doomboy and Les Bêtises de Xinophixrox, and illustrated CD artwork for metallers, Sepulchrum. He is currently working on a personal project called Winter Sky.

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Comic book art by Mark Allred

Philip Dunne Reader Find

By Philip Dunne in New Illustration on Saturday 5 May 2012

Mike Allred is a genius. Just when comic books in the late 90s started to become a little tired looking, Allred illustrated the X-Force series by Marvel Comics in 2001. He tore up the rule book of what a mainstream comic book were considered to be and created an exciting, punchy, retro pop world while being sexy and beautiful and even with the action and drama still intact. Go buy his ‘iZombie’ series!

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Comic strip art by Yale Stewart

Cary Polkovitz Reader Find

By Cary Polkovitz in New Illustration on Thursday 5 April 2012

For those of you who are old school comic strip and DC Comics fans, this Tumblr feed is an ENORMOUS treat. Not only does the artwork harken back to the old-timey comic strips of (some of our) fondly remembered Sunday newspapers (remember those?), but the storyline and characterizations of classic Justice League of America standards […]

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Betty and Veronica Fashions tumblr

Tim Quirk Reader Find

By Tim Quirk in Cool Websites on Saturday 3 March 2012

I am not the most fashion forward person on the strip, but I think Betty and Veronica still are. I wonder how they pulled off what they wore. Yeah, sure, it’s a comic, but it’s an example of the times as well. Feelings of nostalgia and the need to smirk overwhelm me when looking through this site.

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Sam Wallman’s comic book Being Born is Going Blind

Dave Mahler Reader Find

By Dave Mahler in New Illustration on Friday 13 January 2012

Sam Wallman has recently released his second art/comic book, Being Born is Going Blind. Young and prolific like every forward thinking creative these days, Wallman’s work is jammed full of witty observations, societal critique and chilling world truths. At times his dense line work and blatant opinions can be overwhelming, but after taking a minute to absorb his undeniably considered and coy morals you can’t turn back.

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Dave Mazzuchelli

John Malloy Reader Find

By John Malloy in New Art on Thursday 7 February 2008

Dave Mazzucchelli has been one of the boldest, medium-bending sequential artists of our time. Known best for his work on Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, his groundbreaking adaptation of Paul Auster’s City of Glass, and the anthology, Rubber Blanket, he’s returning after a near fourteen-year hiatus with a new book for Pantheon in December titled […]

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