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Funny Facebook Comment Flowchart

Flowchart or Flowchat, that is the question. Or at least, it is in the mind of College Humor’s resident humorist, Caldwell Tanner, who has created the ultimate guide to navigating … Read more

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Real College Landmarks

Our friends over at College Humor have created the ultimate landmark guide for modern campus tours. Hmmpfh, if only my time at university was as salacious.

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Batman versus The Internet

Oh, oh, our favourite caped crusader just turned nasty on the ‘net and trolls, data monkeys and spammers will never be safe again.

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The Skinnier Your Jeans

Who would’ve thought that the tightness of your denim could reveal so much about your interests and aspirations in life? College Humor, that’s who, in their typically witty manner.

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Clever New Ways To Tie A Tie

The imitable Caldwell Tanner has done it again: this time crafting the ultimate guide to tying ties, in ways that none of us ever thought possible.

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Honest Food Preparation Instructions

Yes, we’ve all been there: the chinese food from last week that still looks edible amongst the bare surrounds of an empty fridge. But really, we shouldn’t. Just let it … Read more

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Why Mickey Wears Gloves

Sometimes the truth is more bizarre than fantasy. Well, in Caldwell Tanner’s imagination anyway. Read the panel below to find the answer to the greatest mystery since Harold Holt took … Read more

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When Candy Wrappers tell the truth

Remember those days when eating candy bars meant nothing more than stuffing your face with delectable, delightful chocolate? No guilt; no shame. Just innocent childhood adoration. Well, those days are … Read more

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