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Beautiful collage art by Laurindo Feliciano

Laurindo Feliciano is a Brazillian collage artist currently residing in Paris. Inspired by his own collection of vintage books, magazines, postcards and letters, he has created an impressive amount of … Read more

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The imaginary world of Haley Lock

English artist Hayley Lock bedazzles with her imaginary and playful art crossing time and space in order to create something extraordinary. The arrangement of esoteric elements and ancient characters gives … Read more

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Colourful collage art by Dave Kinsey

Over the past several years Dave Kinsey’s work has evolved dramatically. I’m a big fan of his newest work, exhibiting at Fecal Face Gallery, which combines the use of collage … Read more

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Shinro Ohtake makes art out of rubbish

Shinro Ohtake is a painter, collagist and sculptor. He is well known for creating works out of rubbish (or rather, various objects that resemble rubbish), which he picks up here and … Read more

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