Roller-blading subculture takes over London shopping centre by night

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in Video on Monday 31 March 2014

Smooth Floors & Open Doors is the latest film from 32LDN, an ongoing video project that asks the question: ‘What does it mean to be a Londoner in the 21st Century?’. The answer comes in 32 short films, each peaking into London through a different window and telling the stories of it’s 8 million inhabitants. […]

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Video contrasts what London looked like in 1927 and 2013

Denimu Contributor

By Denimu in Video on Sunday 19 January 2014

During the 1920s, cinematographer Claude Friese-Greene travelled across the UK with his new colour film camera. His trip ended in London, with some of his most stunning images, and these were recently revived and restored by the BFI and shared with the world. Simon Smith attempted to capture every one of his shots, standing in […]

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iPad reflections of London by Gavin Hammond

Nini Baseema Contributor

By Nini Baseema in New Photography on Saturday 18 January 2014

Lomo photographer, Gavin Hammond, best known for his London In Puddles series, which showed beautiful reflections of the capital in murky rain water, has often been asked to make his work available on the iPad and tablet. His reaction: a series of iPad-inspired Lomo photos entitled, London – There Is An App For That – […]

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City Dweller photos by Emanuel Zahariades

Contributions Reader Find

By Eleni Sardi in New Photography on Wednesday 23 March 2011

Emanuel Zahariades is a Greek born, London-based designer with a passion for photography and architecture. He combines both in his photos of the Square Mile and the City of London, where the urban landscape imposes itself and the human presence is absent from the frame.

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