L’Enfer: Henry-Georges G Clouzot’s unfinished masterpiece

Nuno Moreira Reader Find

By Nuno Moreira in New Film on Monday 28 January 2013

If you’re a sucker for classic beauty and trippy experimental cinema, then you’re going to enjoy watching these 5 minutes of L’Enfer (1964), the unfinished movie by Henry-Georges G Clouzot featuring the gorgeous Romy Schneider. As the movie was being shot, a series of unfortunate accidents took place, including the director suffering a heart attack, […]

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Second Run DVD releases rare Eastern European films

Jo Mo Reader Find

By Jo Mo in New Film on Tuesday 4 December 2012

This one is for those with a passion for world cinema: Second Run DVD have been dedicated to releasing and distributing rare and hard to find films since 2005, re-mastered, subtitled and with special feature documentaries and extras. They often release Eastern European films that have never seen the light of day outside of the […]

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Movie Poster of the day Tumblr

Livia Satriano Reader Find

By Livia Satriano in Cool Websites on Thursday 22 November 2012

Everybody loves the movies, but most people ignore what is probably one of the best thing about movies … Movie posters! Movie Poster of the Day is a collection of marvelous film artworks from over the years. The rule is simple “one poster a day” and the range is wide, from famous artists’ takes on cinematic masterpieces to unexpected gems from the Far East. Real candy for the eye.

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