This Isn’t Christmas: music by Eww Yaboo

Summersteps Records Reader Find

By Summersteps Records in Video on Wednesday 12 December 2012

Eww Yaboo are an indie rock quartet from the humble coal town of Wilkes Barre, PA (Sugar Notch, to be exact), located in the Northeastern section of state. A hard working and economically depressed region, which I hail from as well.

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A new Christmas tune by Yuzima Philip

Yuzima Philip Reader Find

By Yuzima Philip in New Music on Saturday 17 December 2011

Ever since last Christmas I wanted to record a Christmas tune, and of course, do it my way. I even started one up but didn’t finish. But this year I was determined to do so. So I started recording Winter Wonderland a couple of weeks ago in my downtown New York apartment studio. What came […]

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