Nobrow: producing wonderful independent comics

Matt Taylor from Sixty40 Reader Find

By Matt Taylor from Sixty40 in New Illustration on Tuesday 11 October 2011

Nobrow are leading the field in making independent comics with stunning production values. They took the mantle passed down by Chris Ware and just ran out of the stadium. Each book is totally different and seems to hold the soul of the artists. File under ‘nothing like superheroes’.

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The cartoon artwork of Adrian Tomine

Dont Panic Reader Find

By Dont Panic in New Art on Saturday 7 February 2009

Adrian Tomine is one of the finest cartoonists and illustrators of this generation, alongside the iconic Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes. He began his career Xeroxing copies of his comics for distribution, and stubbornly chooses to work in a medium as deliberately obscure as independent comics. While he continues to develop his ongoing series Optic […]

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