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Lin Tianmiao

One of the last exhibitions I saw in Beijing before I returned to the States from living there was a solo show by Lin Tianmiao. I wished I had seen … Read more

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Kokomoo’s maniacal girls

Chinese artist Yan Wei, aka Kokomoo, creeps me out. Her linear, black and white drawings of cute little girls with maniacal grins and soulless eyes look deep into my psyche … Read more

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Liu Jianhua’s Unreal Scene

Chinese artist Liu Jianhua has built a model of the Shanghai skyline using just poker chips and dice. Widely known for his quirky ceramic sculptures, his exhibition Dream in Conflict … Read more

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Xinjian Lu

Xinjian Lu is a Professor of Visual Communication at South Korea’s Yeungnam University. But he is also a gifted artist in his own right, as evidenced by these elaborately shaped … Read more

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Tim Lee

Tim Lee’s illustrations are wonderfully intricate and precise, a tangled world of escapism and realism mixed into one.

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Zhang Peng

Taking a cue from Trevor Brown, Mainland Chinese artist Zhang Peng creates highly stylized photographs of women, whom he tweaks, with deft usage of the liquify function in Photoshop, to … Read more

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